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Where Your Donations Go

First, we want to thank you for your support and donation! Since we are in stage one of our seven stages (please refer to the 'How do you see The Janice Hart Foundation growing and what are your goals?' FAQ to learn more) we will be using financial donations to help establish and grow The Janice Hart Foundation by covering overhead expenses like website hosting, marketing content, and google suites. It is of most importance that the Foundation remains financially transparent. This means if you ask to see documentation of our funds we would be happy to provide that for you.

In phase one we will be specifically focusing on building public relationships by attending community events and providing marketing material and take home goodies for our community members and supporters. Once we progress to the second stage we will use financial contributions for hosting our own community activities.

Just a reminder, the board does not take any form of compensation and will not until The Janice Hart Foundation is fully self-sustainable. Ashley (our founder) has a goal of five years to make this happen.
The Janice Hart Foundation is a 501(C)(3) Non Profit Organization – EIN 92-2022192